The Creed 101: What Christians Believe (CD)

//The Creed 101: What Christians Believe (CD)

The Creed 101: What Christians Believe (CD)


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When someone enters the Church they do so through her Baptismal Rite. During this beautiful ceremony, among other things, the baptismal candidate professes the Creed (or in the case of infant baptism, the God Parents do so on their behalf). By this profession the candidate is acknowledging they are accepting the faith of the Church. As Joseph Ratzinger (i.e., Pope Benedict XVI) says, in doing so they enter into something greater than themselves. So, what is the Creed? Where did it come from, and how are we to understand its articles? In this talk Andrew Wood answers these and many other questions concerning the this beautiful statement of Christian belief: the Creed.

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With all the different Christian denominations in the world today there is great confusion as to what Christ actually taught and hence what Christians should believe. In her wisdom, the Catholic Church has provided us with a summary of all that she believes and teaches, and what she claims Jesus Christ has taught her. This summary is known as the Creed. Derived from the Latin word, Credo, meaning, ‘I believe,’ the Creed provides a synopsis of all that Jesus taught, and what his Church has continued to teach down through the ages in his name.

In this brief overview, Andrew Wood shows you the basic structure of the Creed and how it is fundamentally concerned with the deepest mystery that God has revealed: Himself, the Most Holy Trinity. Andrew explains that the Creed is divided into three major parts, each devoted to one of the three divine Persons of the Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Each part looks at the actions of God in human history, especially the middle part of the Creed which deals with the actions of Jesus Christ, the second Person of the Trinity (the Son) who became man for our salvation.

It is hoped that with this brief overview you will gain a clearer picture as to what Jesus Christ actually taught, and what he has commissioned his Church to teach until he returns in glory!

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