Mary in the Scriptures (CD)

//Mary in the Scriptures (CD)

Mary in the Scriptures (CD)


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Why do Catholics ‘believe in Mary’? Many people are somewhat confused about the role of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, in the New Testament. In this talk, Andrew draws deeply from Scripture to show the Old Testament roots of what the New Testament writers say about Mary. Andrew shows us how Mary is therefore understood to be the new Eve, the new Ark of the New Covenant, and the new Queen Mother of the newly restored Davidic Kingdom.

This is truly a fascinating talk!

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Quite often people wonder why Catholics place so much emphasis on Mary when it seems as though her role in the New Testament is so minimal. As you will see in this talk, far from being minimal, Mary’s role in the New Testament is pivotal for the whole of Salvation History.

Although the role of Mary is not spread over every page of the New Testament she does have prominence due to her appearance at every key moment in the life of Jesus, the Saviour. In this talk Andrew Wood will take you back into the Old Testament to reveal the background of the major Catholic doctrines concerning Mary. You will see how Mary is the new Eve, the new Ark of the Covenant, and the new Queen Mother of the re-inaugurated Davidic Kingdom brought about by Jesus, her Son. This talk, therefore, will look at Mary’s Divine Maternity, her Perpetual Virginity, her Immaculate Conception, and her glorious Assumption.

through this talk you will definitely fall more deeply in love with Mary, our Mother.

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