Morality 101: “What must I do to enter Eternal Life?” (Lk 10:25) (CD)

//Morality 101: “What must I do to enter Eternal Life?” (Lk 10:25) (CD)

Morality 101: “What must I do to enter Eternal Life?” (Lk 10:25) (CD)


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What is morality? What makes for a morally good act and a morally bad act? What relation does morality have with our happiness? How do we know the right answers to these vitally important questions? In this powerful talk Andrew Wood offers his insights regarding these and many more questions, while using the Catechism of the Catholic Church as his guide.

This talk is one of the most important for today since the answers to this questions are so hotly disputed, especially among our youth.

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In today’s Western World we seem to be over-run with a multitude of opinions as to what is right and what is wrong, what is morally good and what is morally bad. We also see an ever increasing erosion of the Christian ethic and a more vocal opposition to Christian values in society. It is therefore of supreme importance for Christians to be firmly grounded in well-established moral principles. Christians must know how to act according to reason guided by gospel values in order to attain eternal life.

In this talk Andrew Wood will take you through the foundations of morality. He will do this by giving a brief overview of the nature of morality, beginning with the dignity of the human person and his call to eternal happiness. Once it is firmly established as to what the human person is, and what he or she is made for (namely happiness) then Andrew turns his attention to look at the nature of freedom and of morality itself. In doing this you will discover for yourself what it is that makes human action be truly good or bad, right or wrong morally-speaking. Upon laying the foundations of human morality Andrew talks about human moral conscience, the virtues and the vices, sin and grace, law and justice. Andrew concludes his talk by providing a beautiful summary of the moral law by looking at the Decalogue (or the Ten Commandments) and the Beatitudes.

An extremely helpful talk for discovering what you must do to enter Eternal Life!

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