The Mystery of Death and the Afterlife (For Teens) (MP3 Download)

//The Mystery of Death and the Afterlife (For Teens) (MP3 Download)

The Mystery of Death and the Afterlife (For Teens) (MP3 Download)


This talk was given to a group of young people at a Christian youth conference.

In this most amazing talk Andrew takes us through the theology of death and the afterlife. He looks at why we die, its consequences for meriting and what will happen to us after we pass from this life. He speaks of the particular judgment which everyone will experience the instant their soul separations from their body at death, the general judgment at the end of time, the nature of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. You will be astounded by this talk!

Duration: 1:19:25

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In the lyrics of his song, ‘Everybody wants to go to heaven,’ Albert King famously wrote: “Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die.” For many different reasons, most people have a great fear of death. Most people also don’t often think of their own death. But if we think about death in its proper sense we can utter with St Francis of Assisi, “It is in dying we are born into eternal life.”

So what is death and can we unlock something of the mystery surrounding death? In this engaging talk you will discover something of the beauty and the mystery of death and the afterlife. Here, Andrew Wood looks at those all-important realities of death, judgement, heaven, and hell, in an attempt to answer some of the burning questions people have concerning heaven, hell, and purgatory, and the reality and immortality of the human soul. Andrew also looks at the nature of our judgment by Christ after death and what the General Judgment at the end of time will be like, and how we can know things after death.

This talk will definitely astound you!