Prayer 101: Where the Battle is Won or Lost (CD)

//Prayer 101: Where the Battle is Won or Lost (CD)

Prayer 101: Where the Battle is Won or Lost (CD)


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Union with God is that for which we ultimately exist. But how can we have this union, in this life? This is through prayer. Whenever we raise our minds and hearts to God we are praying. Prayer is the beautiful dialogue with God. In this talk, Andrew Wood takes us through the highlights of the fourth part of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, on prayer.

As many of us struggle to pray, this talk is an absolute must for anyone wishing to advance in the the Christian spiritual life, because prayer is where the battle for the attainment of our ultimate end is won or lost.

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Unfortunately, prayer is sometimes forgotten in our busy society. When asked if they actually pray, many people would say that they are either too busy, or simply do not have time. What a great misfortune this is considering as one great spiritual writer of the last century said, “Prayer is man’s greatest leisure.” A Christian who does not pray cannot truly be living a Christian life. This is because, as the Catechism of the Catholic Church says, “Prayer is the raising of one’s mind and heart to God” (n.2559). Without union with God we are unable to live the Christian life, since living the Christian life is to live as a child of God. Just as all good children desire to speak with their parents, so too, all good Christians should have a deep desire to converse with their heavenly Father. It is through prayer that we enter into our personal relationship with our triune God.

In this talk Andrew provides us with an overview of the nature of prayer. He explores the example of prayer given by a number of great Old Testament figures, followed by the prayer of Jesus Christ. Andrew outlines the fourfold purpose of prayer, namely to adore and praise God, to give Him thanks, to atone for our sins and to petition God for all our needs. You will also hear about the three different types of prayer: vocal, mental, and contemplative. Andrew concludes his presentation with a brief overview of the Lord’s Prayer, the ‘Our Father,’ showing us how this prayer meets all of our daily needs.

A most informative talk for anyone wishing to deepen their personal prayer life and their union with God!

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