Sacred Sacrifice: The Eucharist Makes Present Jesus’ Sacrifice (MP3 Download)

//Sacred Sacrifice: The Eucharist Makes Present Jesus’ Sacrifice (MP3 Download)

Sacred Sacrifice: The Eucharist Makes Present Jesus’ Sacrifice (MP3 Download)


Catholic theology speaks of the Eucharist in terms of it being the Real Presence of Christ, a Sacred Banquet for all the nations and Jesus’ own sacrifice. In this talk Andrew looks at the sacrifices of the Old Testament as they prefigure Jesus own sacrifice on the Cross and how the Eucharist makes present Jesus’ sacrifice.

Duration: 54:45

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Do Catholics really believe that their Eucharistic celebration is Jesus’ sacrifice? If so, does that mean that every time they gather for Mass Jesus is dying again? Are Catholics killing Jesus over and over again at every Mass? Didn’t Jesus die once, for all times (see Heb 7:27; 10:10)?

When the Catechism of the Catholic Church speaks of the Eucharist it does so under three aspects: as it is a Sacred Banquet—the Sacrum Convivium; as it is Jesus’ Sacred Presence under the appearances of bread and wine; and as it is Jesus’ Sacred Sacrifice (nn.1356-1419). In this talk Andrew Wood will focus on this third aspect of the Eucharistic mystery.

Throughout the Old Testament, sacrifice holds a central place in Israel’s worship of Yahweh. It is in this context that Jesus acts, not only with his bloody sacrifice of the Cross on the first Good Friday, but, as you will see, while celebrating the Last Supper on the night before he died. At the first Eucharistic celebration in the Upper Room on this night Jesus not only gave himself to his disciples as food and drink, but he also gave his Church the unique sacrifice of himself to be offered throughout the ages until the end of time.

This talk is essential for anyone wishing to understand Jesus’ saving work made present in the Eucharist.