Salvation History: From Adam to Jesus (MP3 Download)

//Salvation History: From Adam to Jesus (MP3 Download)

Salvation History: From Adam to Jesus (MP3 Download)


In a very simple manner, through this talk Andrew outlines the overarching story-line of the whole of Salvation History, from Adam to Jesus. By understanding the big picture it is intended that you will have a greater appreciation for who Jesus, how he fulfils the Old Testament and how the Church continues his mission today. This talk is essential for anyone wanting to grow in their appreciation for Jesus and their knowledge of Scripture.

Duration: 1:11:49

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Product Description

Have you ever wondered about the ‘story-line’ of the bible? If you’ve ever thought to yourself, ‘what’s the bible all about?’ then this talk is for you!

Unlocking the story-line of the bible, especially that of the Old Testament, can be somewhat daunting for most of us, especially with all its different characters and detailed stories. Beginning with an explanation of the nature of a covenant or testament, this talk is designed to take you through the bible’s major story-line. In this talk you will hear how the ancient Hebrews would have read and interpreted Genesis’ account of creation and the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Other major events narrated in the bible that this talk discovers are those of Noah and his ark, and the world-wide flood, Abraham’s seemingly barbaric attempt at executing his son Isaac, Moses and Israel’s miraculous exodus from Egyptian slavery, the establishment of David’s royal kingdom, and Solomon’s building of the Jerusalem temple.

Most importantly, this talk will reveal how all these Old Testament people and events look towards the coming of Jesus Christ. You will see how God’s story of Salvation History is constantly looking towards the coming of Christ and his fulfilment of all that came before him.

This is a most enlightening talk, one that you will definitely enjoy.