From Dr Christine E. Wood

‘What is your view of God and we can know him?

‘How do we come to know Jesus Christ and His teachings?

‘What benefit could someone gain from doing a course with the St John Centre?

‘What is the Gospel?’

‘What is the connection between Scripture and the Liturgy?

‘What did Saint Augustine of Hippo mean when he said the New Testament lies hidden in the Old and the Old is made manifest in the New?

From Andrew Francis Wood

‘What is the St John Centre for Biblical Studies and why did you found it?

‘What is the Creed?

‘The First and Second Vatican Councils and Divine Revelation

‘Virtues: Natural & Supernatural, Moral and Theological

‘Ignorance: Vincible & Invincible, Culpable & Inculpable

‘What is the Principle of the Double Effect?

‘What is a Plenary Indulgence?

‘What are the Sacraments and what is the Liturgy?