The following quotes are taken from student evaluation forms completed by students who have undertaken St John Centre for Biblical Studies courses. In respect of their privacy, student’s surnames have not been given.


Course Title: Who is Jesus? A Bible Study on the Gospel of Mark

Question 1. What do you find of benefit from this course? Have you had any ‘ah-ha’ moments?

Answer. Louise: “I learned so many things I would never have imagined had so much meaning. There were plenty of ‘ah-Ha’ moments!”

Margot: “Lots of ‘ah-ha’ moments. Saw how the Old Testament and the New Testament link up. How the revelation continues. I encountered at a deeper level the reality of Jesus’ death and resurrection, and how I must live.”

Dragan: “I think the whole course was a ‘ah-ha’ moment.”

Terri: “Several! The course has led me to want to go away and repeat it in a few months time!”


Question 2. Would you recommend this course to your friends? Why?

Answer. Louise: The course gave me a great desire to study more about the faith. I want to use what I learned to help my children appreciate why Jesus is absolutely everything. It was presented in such a captivating way. I’m sure others would feel like this if they heard it. When I looked at the content of what my son had studied for religion at a catholic college and compare that with your solid teaching I felt so depressed. No wonder most teenagers don’t practice.

Margot: Yes. Because I hear them struggle because they lack information, i.e., they lack the truth.


Question 3. Where you happy with any St John Centre for Biblical Studies resources you purchased?

Answer. Louise: “I have purchased some, they are wonderful, more people need to know they are available. Having the course handout was a great help as my notes weren’t very reliable and it was useful to be able to refer to the charts while listening to the CDs. Maybe you could include the handout to buy with the CDs.”